Walter’s Christmas

48 x 26' / 2024


Walter is shocked to discover this will be the last Christmas at the family farm, since his mother is putting it up for sale! In an attempt to stop this, Walter sneaks into the farm’s forest, which has alway been off-limits… He meets Tala, a creature from the magical and hidden Endless Forest. Tala believes Walter is the chosen Keeper of the Forest, and only he can save it, and protect the Mother Tree, threatened by the evil Bog Hag.

Walter is sent off on a true Christmas adventure, filled with enchanted nature, family secrets, elves, shapeshifters, and new friendships…

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Program information:

World TV Rights (excluding Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany)

  • Genre:

    Live Action
    Fantasy – Adventures

  • Available languages:


  • Cast:

    Sander Løkke Borg, Flora Augusta, Selma Kjær Kuscu, Julius Stage Melchiorsen, Julie Agnete Vang, Henrik Vestergaard, Ulver Skuli Abildgaard, Anders Mossling, Morten Brovn, Tammi Øst, Oliver Tikotzki, Isabella Møller Hansen

  • Broadcaster:

  • Written by:

    Jesper Fink & Thomas Porsager

  • Director:

    Morten BH

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