Angelo Rules

S1: 78 x 7’ - S2 & S3: 52 x 13’ - S4: 52 x 13’ - S5: 46 x 11’


Meet 11-year-old Angelo, a sweet-talking genius with a knack for getting out of trouble!

From elaborate plans to comic strategies, the main weapons in Angelo’s arsenal are clever planning, irreverent attitude, a rebellious nature, optimism, and, most of all, charisma to make things go his way. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the plan. Combine those traits with his two best friends, Sherwood and Lola, and you’ve got a winning trio!

Produced by:

  • Produced by:

    Corinne Kouper

  • Co-produced by:

    Tom van Waveren

  • Genre:

    3D Animation

  • Written by:

    Amy Jackson, Andy Rheingold, Rick Groel

  • Director:

    Max Maleo, Kévin Marry

  • Broadcaster:


APC Kids