Nitso and the Very Hairy Alphabet

26 x 7' / 2024


Our fuzzy little Yeti Monster, Nitso, has recently gotten keen on learning the letters of the alphabet. At the beginning of every episode, Nitso opens his ABC Book to show us a new letter to be learned. But, every time, the letter suddenly “vanishes” in all sorts of surprising ways. Luckily, Madame Tebahpla, the wisest of all wise women, is always there, ready to help our little curious friend find the lost letter.

A stands for Alphabet and F stands for fun, when Nitso, the curious little Yeti Monster, together with our young audience, discovers the fascinating world of letters and languages!!

Why we like it:

A fun, intuitive and colorful way of teaching kids their alphabet!

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World TV Rights (except Germany, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland and Poland)

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    2D Animation

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APC Kids