Unseen – 2020

Are they invisible or are you blind? - 8 x 52'


A small town in Belgium. A huge relay antenna. Birds falling from the sky. And little by little some people are turning invisible.

For Laurence, discovering the origin of the epidemic will be of upmost importance. But her husband will have a different approach. While their daughter Lily will see invisibility as a way to escape her problems at school, their friend Ayoub will do everything to stay visible. As for Angele, who became invisible before the epidemic started to spread, she knows how to use her power as a weapon…

Why we like it:

UNSEEN is a high-concept mystery drama that eerily resonates with the recent pandemic.

Produced by:

  • KWASSA Films
  • Genre:

    Mystery drama

  • Director:

    Geoffrey Enthoven

  • Broadcaster:

  • Shooting language:


  • Cast:

    Myriem Akheddiou (Young Ahmed, Two Days, One Night), Fabio Zenoni, Elisa Echevarria Menendez, Luc Van Grunderbeeck