Operation Buffalo

«Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.» - 6x52'


Australia, 1956. It’s the height of the Cold War, and the
Menzies Government has just welcomed British atomic bomb testing at Maralinga, in outback South Australia.

Charged with keeping the nuclear base running smoothly is Major Leo Carmichael, an Australian Army Engineer and WWII hero. But testing the most dangerous weapon in the world is not an easy task with a Commanding Officer who is not fit for the job ; a new meteorologist, Dr Eva Lloyd-George, who is starting to ask questions; and with the Government and press watching their every move. And as it turns out, the land of Maralinga may not be as uninhabited as it seems…

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Why we like it:

BUFFALO turns the events and frightening truths of the 1950’s British atomic testing into a blend of espionage thriller, political satire and biting black comedy with a star-studded cast.

Program information:

Season 1 /  / 6×52′ / HD / Production year: 2020

  • Genre:

    Period spy thriller

  • Broadcaster:


  • Director:

    Peter Duncan

    Tanya Phegan

  • Shooting language:


  • Writer:

    Peter Duncan

  • Cast:

    Ewen Leslie

    Jessica de Gouw

    James Cromwell