Gloria – 2021

Is she ready for the truth ? - 6 x 52'


In a small town in Brittany, Gloria, a mother of three children, sees her life turned upside down when her husband goes to work one morning and never comes back. While she fights to discover the truth about his disappearance, she must face the suspicion of her in-laws and confront the police captain Marianne Volton who holds an old grudge against her. She will also find unexpected allies and, ultimately, discover her inner force.

Why we like it:

GLORIA draws us into the frantic search of a woman whose strength, determination, sense of justice, but also humor and kindness, are the ingredients of an inspiring and truly endearing character.

Program information:

6 × 52′ / HD / Production year: 2021

  • Genre:

    Drama Thriller

  • Director:

    Julien Colonna

  • Broadcaster:



  • Shooting language:


  • Producer:

    Quad Drama