Tinka’s Tale

24x26' / 2017 / HD


When 15-year-old Tinka discovers she is half pixie, half human, she embarks on a true adventure in the hopes of finding the valuable Christmas Star. Only the Christmas Star will reconcile humans and pixies after nearly a century of enmity. She gets unexpected help from human boy Lasse along the way; but the evil, human-hating pixie Crown Prince Fileas will do whatever it takes to prevent their mission.

52% market share (3+) on TV2 Denmark.

Produced by:

Program information:

24×26′ / 2017 / HD / Worldwide Rights (except Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany)


  • Genre:

    Live-action family series

  • Available languages:

    Danish, French

  • Cast:

    Josephine Højbjerg

    Albert Rosin Harson

    Neel Rønholt

  • Broadcaster:

    TV2 (Denmark)

    Télétoon+ (France)

    ERR (Estonia)

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