Little Tiaras

78 x 7' / 2018-2021 / HD


Five princesses – Rooney The Rusty Hair Princess, Lisa The Frog Princess, Daria The Never-A-Laugh Princess, Helen The Fair Princess, and Sleeping Princess Dorma – arrive from faraway lands to study wizardry on the mysterious island of Wondermont.

Two boys, Vasco and Li Van, get also transferred to Wondermont when, during a magic exercise gone wrong, their own school building becomes alive and runs away.

Adventures, secrets, and dangers await them while they learn magic from a great wizard, The Immortal.

Welcome to the Wondermont School of Magic!

Produced by:

Why we like it:

In this mix of school life and fairytales, these princesses never conform to what is expected and dare to explore their skills and potential, while they learn not only about magic but also about friendship, teamwork and girls’ empowerment.

Program information:

78 x 7′ / 2018-2021 / HD / Worldwide TV & CP Rights (except Russia, CIS and mainland China)

  • Genre:

    3D HD animated series
    Comedy / Adventure
    Girls 4-7

  • Story Editors:

    Davey Moore ( PaddingtonThomas and his friends ,  ClaudeTeletubbies )

    Emma Hogan ( OllieBoyGirlDogCatMouseCheesePeek Zoo )

  • Available languages:

    English, Russian

  • Broadcaster:

    CTC, Carrousel (Russia)

    ERR (Estonia)

    La Chaîne Enfants (Israel)

    TVP ABC (Poland)

    TV3 Mini (Latvia)



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