Little Tiaras

78 x 7' + 1 x 30' / 2018-2023 / HD


Five princesses – Rooney The Rusty Hair Princess, Lisa The Frog Princess, Daria The Never-A-Laugh Princess, Helen The Fair Princess, and Sleeping Princess Dorma – arrive from faraway lands to study wizardry on the mysterious island of Wondermont.

Two boys, Vasco and Li Van, get also transferred to Wondermont when, during a magic exercise gone wrong, their own school building becomes alive and runs away.

Adventures, secrets, and dangers await them while they learn magic from a great wizard, The Immortal. Welcome to the Wondermont School of Magic!

Produced by:

Why we like it:

Best ratings performance above Winx Club and My little pony

Full doll lines available (Simbat)

Program information:

Worldwide Rights (except Russia, CIS & mainland China) + CP Rights

  • Genre:

    3D Animation
    Comedy / Adventure


  • Story Editors:

    Davey Moore ( PaddingtonThomas and his friendsClaudeTeletubbies )

    Emma Hogan ( OllieBoyGirlDogCatMouseCheesePeek Zoo )

  • Available languages:

    English, Russian, Hebrew, Polish, Slovenian, Hungarian, Arabic, Estonian, Greek & Latvian

  • Broadcaster:

    CTC, Carrousel (Russia)

    ERR (Estonia)

    La Chaîne Enfants (Israel)

    TVP ABC (Poland)

    TV3 Mini (Latvia)



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