26 x 7' / 2019 / HD


Huggleboo is a wayward little girl experiencing small adventures in and around her house, where she lives with her parents and her newborn baby sister Elisabeth, but also in her garden and at her grandparent’s farm. Together with her doll Fluffy, she explores her little world, finding simple things that seem ordinary to us but are very special and exciting to her: from playing hide and seek to turning her room into a princess palace, from discovering a shed being built behind the rhododendrons to finding a beautiful butterfly in the grass…

Produced by:

Why we like it:

Stories recognisable preschoolers and parents, told through a surprising look, sparkling with colours and patterns, combining cut-out animation technique and photorealistic images.

Program information:

26 x 7′ / 2019 / HD / Worldwide TV & CP Rights (except Benelux and Germany)

  • Genre:

    2D HD Animated Series

  • Available languages:

    English, Dutch

  • Broadcaster:

    Hop! (Israel)

    BBC Alba (UK)

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