Galactic Agency

52 x 11' / 2021-2022 / HD


Your all-repair specialists, the Galactic Agency travels to any destination in the WashMash Galaxy to come to the rescue. From a diva-whale’s washing machine to King Cheddar the Fifteenth’s robot-teddy, there’s always something to do! But in this kooky-quirky universe filled with freaky creatures and oddities, nothing ever goes as expected!

Like the time they went to install Wi-Fi and ended up comforting a brokenhearted cyclops clown! Add our dream team with its strong personalities to the mix and a simple repair job becomes a wacky adventure!

Produced by:

Program information:

52 x 11′ / 2020-2021 / HD / Worldwide TV & CP Rights (except France, Belgium, Luxembourg, French-speaking Switzerland & India)

  • Genre:

    2D HD Animated Series

    Kids 6-9

  • Created by:

    Julie Chabrol, Cédric Stephan and Fabien Limousin (Boyster, Mr Magoo)

  • Broadcaster:

    Gulli (France)

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