The Truth – 2023

Old scars, new wounds. - 8 x 52'


On the day the most controversial murder case in Israel is to be given a highly anticipated final verdict, 10 years later, another identical murder takes place. A copycat killer? A hit ordered by the man convicted for the first case, from prison? The original murderer who was actually never caught?

With only two weeks for the police to present its findings to the judges while the first verdict is on hold, young detective Racheli Zabatani must revisit the past, the events that changed her life and the old case her own father investigated, in order to figure out the mysteries of the present: this new murder case, as well as her own personal quest.

Partly inspired by true events.

Why we like it:

Racheli will have to face her own ghosts in this high-stakes investigation, while THE TRUTH craftily connects intriguing characters in a complex narrative covering teenage angst, crime sensationalism, family woes, local corruption…

Produced by:

  • Genre:

    Crime drama

  • Broadcaster:

  • Shooting language:


  • Created by:

    Daphna Levin (Euphoria, In Treatment), Dror Misha’ani (The Missing File), Idit Avrahami (H2: The Occupation Lab) & Aurit Zamir (The Missing File, Asia)

  • Cast:

    Mor Dimri, Golan Azulai (Ha-Shminiya, Ha-Bsora Al-Pi Elohim), Roy Nik (Euphoria, Normal) & Roni Nathanel (Love you Charlie)