Bariau (Inside) – 2024

Everyone's guilty of something - 6 x 30' / 3 x 60'


A gritty and realistic series set within the harsh confines of a contemporary UK prison. Based on testimonies from real-life prisoners and prison guards, the series explores the complex interplay between four central characters on both sides of the law: Kit, a ruthless gangster whose arrival will shake the already fragile balance of the unit; Barry, a small-time drug-dealer; Elin, a dedicated female prison officer; and George, a privileged young man with an addiction.

Why we like it:

We are immersed in the prison environment, to witness from up close the perilous games of blackmail and deceit between prisoners and guards, as tensions escalate to a surprising end.

Produced by:

  • Genre:

    Prison drama

  • Director:

    Griff Rowland (Hinterland, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Holby City)

  • Broadcaster:

  • Shooting language:

    Welsh / English

  • Cast:

    Adam Woodward (Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, The Saint)

    Gwion Tegid (Rownd a Rownd)

    Annes Elwy (Wolf, The Light in the Hall, Little Women, The Feast)

    Bill Skinner (Ted Lasso, Endeavour, The Cleaner)

  • Written by:

    Ciron Gruffydd (Limbo)

  • Produced by:

    Alaw Llewelyn Roberts (Rownd a Rownd)

  • Executive Producer:

    Ynyr Williams (Tree on a Hill, The Pact, Hidden, Hinterland)