Obituary – 2023

To live, she writes. To write, she kills. - 6 x 60'


24-year-old Elvira Clancy is feeling unfulfilled, although she adores her job writing obituaries. When her newspaper falls on hard times, her boss tells her he is unable to keep her on the payroll and she finds herself being paid per obituary overnight.

When she “accidentally” kills a nasty piece of work in the town, she discovers she might have an untapped bloodlust! She relishes using ever more crafty methods to kill off the town’s unpleasant residents while making them look like accidents.

Unfortunately, a wrench lands in the works – the paper hires a suspicious new crime correspondent and she really, really likes him…

Why we like it:

From Lawlor’s sharp-witted pen, Elvira rises as a full-fledged, self-aware, serial killer we can’t help but root for, and chaos unfolds in Kilraven, the new quirky TV town for the ages.

Produced by:

Produced by:

  • APC Studios
  • Genre:

    Dark comedy crime drama

  • Director:

    John Hayes (Dublin Murders, Bancroft), Oonagh Kearney

  • Broadcaster:


  • Shooting language:


  • Created & Written by:

    Ray Lawlor

  • Produced by:

    Nell Green

  • Executive Producers:

    Laurent Boissel, Paddy Hayes

  • Cast:

    Cast: Siobhán Cullen (The Dry, Origin, The Long Call, Paula, Bodkin), Michael Smiley (Bad Sisters, Bloodlands, Gunpowder Milkshake),
    Ronan Raftery (The Rook, Mortal Engines, The Terror), Danielle Galligan (Shadow and Bone, Lakelands, KIN), David Ganly (Moon Knight, Body of Lies)