Shadow Lines – 2021

Which side are you on?


In the 1950’s, the hottest spot of the Cold War is not Washington or Moscow, but Helsinki, where the KGB and the CIA vie for control of Finland, a small Nordic country wedged between East and West powers.
Helena, a student freshly returned from the United States, is recruited by her godfather to join a top secret Finnish task force in its ongoing missions: preventing the two global powerhouses meddling in the presidential election and keeping their homeland independent. But as she begins to discover the truth about her past, her personal and professional life collide.
With long kept secrets and political agendas coming to a head, the team must overcome the lies and distrust if they have any chance of succeeding.

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Why we like it:

Gripping, witty and glamorous, this period spy thriller led by a female character draws you in a world where personal dilemmas can change the fate of nation, and brings a never-seen-before outlook on the Cold War.

Program information:

Season 1 : 10 x45′ / Season 2 : 8 x 45’′ / HD / Production year: 2019-2021

  • Genre:

    Period Spy Thriller

  • Broadcaster:


  • Director:

    AJ Annila

    Alli Haapasalo

  • Shooting language:


  • Writers:

    Katri Manninen

    Kirsti Manninen

  • Cast:

    Emmi Parviainen

    Olavi Uusivirta

    HP Björkman

    Sampo Sarkola

    Katja Küttner

    Jonna Järnefelt

    Jessica Grabowsky