Memories of Nanette

52 x 13’ / 2016 / HD


When 9-year-old Nanette arrives in the countryside for the first time to live with her Grandpa Archie, Granny Minnie and Aunt Susan, she discovers an environment very different from the city. But with a personality like hers and the help of her new friends Jack, Betty and Johnny, she will enjoy the countryside as an immense playground, in which every inch is to be explored. Whether it’s building a secret hut or a raft to go down the river, retrieving the wandering farm goats or helping with the carrots… every activity can turn into an exciting adventure in Nanette’s new world!

Why we like it:

Navigating a new world, making new friends, learning to appreciate their differences, and having fun while doing it… The evergreen adventures of this brave young girl are a never-ending source of wisdom!

Produced by:

Program information:

52 x 13’ / 2016 / HD / Worldwide Rights

  • Genre:

    2D HD Animated series
    Comedy / Adventure
    Kids 6-9

  • Available languages::

    French, English, Russian

  • Director:


  • Writers:

    NOB, Sébastien Tiquet

  • Broadcaster:

    M6, 6TER (France)

    Amazon (France)

    ARD/NDR (Germany)

    TVP (Poland)

    RTS (Switzerland)

    ERT (Greece)

    BeIN (MENA)

    1HDTV (Russia)

    TV8 (Lithuania)

    JY Animation (China)

    TV5 Monde (World)

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