The Wish

24 x 26’ / 2015 / HD


Every year, in December, angels can walk the earth (almost) like regular human beings. They are here to help us and battle evil forces. In a modern and rather dysfunctional family, 12-year-old July has always felt a bit different. This year, she only wishes to spend Christmas with her family, but everybody’s plans go against that perfect family reunion. Raf, an aspiring young angel, is sent to earth to help her…

Why we like it:

Mystery, excitement, fairy-tale magic and adventure: parents and children alike will all have a good reason to love this fun and romantic series and identify with the antics of this true-to-life and not at all perfect modern family.

Produced by:

Program information:

24 x 26’ / 2015 / HD / Worldwide Rights for Ready-made & Format

  • Genre:

    Fantasy / Adventure
    Family series

  • Available languages:

    Danish, French, Russian

  • Writer:

    Ina Bruhn (Dicte, Ludvig & Julemanden…)

  • Director:

    Carsten Myllerup (Oskar & Josefine, Anna Pihl)

  • Cast:

    Jonathan Lindinger, Helmer Solberg, Marie Boda

  • Broadcaster:

    TV2 (Denmark)

    Télétoon+ (France)

    1HDTV (Russia)

APC Kids