52 x 11’ / 2022-23


As soon as their parents’ backs are turned, Fix and Pomme rush up to the attic to meet their friend Kidi, a little extraterrestrial creature. He has the power to sweep them off to an astounding, parallel universe: Kidiworld. This amazing place is chockful of pop-ups. Fix and Pomme can get answers here to any question they wish to ask, even the most off-beat kinds.

Using pop-ups to hop from one setting to another takes them on wild and exciting adventures. Kidi is their kindhearted and enthusiastic guide. They get to explore a multitude of thrilling topics: from the infinitely tiny to the infinitely big. Kidiworld has no limits.

Why we like it:

In each episode, a new universe, a new theme to be discovered, covering a wide range of topics:
Science and Technology, Arts and Civilizations, Geography and History, Nature and Environment, Sports and Entertainment, Human Body and Health…

Produced by:

  • 4.21 Productions
  • Genre:

    2D Animated Series
    Kids 4-7

  • Director:

    Raoul Magrangeas

  • Broadcaster:

  • Shooting language: