52 x 11’ / 2022-23


As soon as their parents’ backs are turned, Fix and Pomme rush up to the attic to meet their friend Kidi, a little extraterrestrial creature. He has the power to sweep them off to an astounding, parallel universe: Kidiworld. This amazing place is chockful of pop-ups. Fix and Pomme can get answers here to any question they wish to ask, even the most off-beat kinds.

Using pop-ups to hop from one setting to another takes them on wild and exciting adventures. Kidi is their kindhearted and enthusiastic guide. They get to explore a multitude of thrilling topics: from the infinitely tiny to the infinitely big. Kidiworld has no limits.

Why we like it:

In each episode, a new universe, a new theme to be discovered, covering a wide range of topics: Science and Technology, Arts and Civilizations, Geography and History, Nature and Environment, Sports and Entertainment, Human Body and Health…

Adapted from the successful book series published by editions nathan (13M copies sold worldwide)

Rated «ttt» (very good) by leading french TV magazine Télérama

Produced by:

  • 4.21 Productions

Program information:

Worldwide Rights (except France) + CP Rights (except publishing)

  • Genre:

    2D Animation


  • Director:

    Raoul Magrangeas

  • Broadcaster:

  • Shooting language: