Zoe & Milo

52 x 7' / 2020-2023 / HD


Zoe and Milo are two ten-year olds. They’re not only neighbours in their big town, they’re best friends. They’re also adventurers: they travel the world in a plane built and piloted by Alim, a hamster. Alim is a living encyclopaedia: he knows everything about the world’s cultures and customs.

Thanks to Alim and to a curious live map inside the plane, Zoe and Milo are able to meet Alim’s penfriends in diverse countries without too much problem.

Why we like it:

Each episode is a thrilling adventure and an enriching discovery, inviting children to learn about cultural differences around the world.

Produced by:

Program information:

Season 1: 26 x 7’ Season 2: 26 x 7’ / 2020-2023 / HD Worldwide Rights (except France)

  • Genre:

    2D Animation

  • Broadcaster:

  • Shooting language:

    French, English, Mandarin, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish

  • Written by:

    Franck Salomé, Nicolas Sedel & Fernando Worcel

  • Illustrated by:

    Régis Vidal & Irwin Furstec

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