Freightened – 2018

The real price of shipping - 52’


Freightened is a thrilling investigation carried out around the globe which takes us behind the scenes of the sea shipping business. 90% of everything we consume today comes from overseas; Freightened reveals the mechanics and perils of a powerful, secret and highly unregulated industry that holds the key to our global economy, our environment and the very model of our civilization. A truly stunning, thought-provoking and eye-opening docu-thriller!

Why we like it:

A powerful and uncompromising investigation, Freightened opened us to a whole new set of issues we knew nothing about.

“An enlightening journey” – Télérama

Produced by:

  • Polar Star Films
  • La compagnie des taxi-brousse

Program information:

1×52’ / Available Now/ HD / Production Year: 2015

  • Genre:

    Current affairs

  • Writer/Director:

    Denis Delestrac (Sand Wars)

  • Broadcaster:

    In co-production with SWR/NDR (Germany), France 5, Al Jazeera Doc Channel (Qatar), in collaboration with TVC, SRF (Switzerland), SVT (Sweden), RTS (Switzerland), NRK (Norway), Knowledge (Canada), TéléQuébec (Canada), supported by MEDIA Development, MEDIA TV Programming CNC (France) and ICEC (Spain).

  • Shooting language:

    English, French, Spanish

  • Available languages:

    French, German, English

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