« The power of men is the patience of women. It’s time to stop being patient. » - 1 x 52'


73% women in the world have experienced cyber-bullying.

In this investigation, 12 women from all around the world – journalists, activists, stand-up comedians, youtubers, politicians – who voice their opinions in the media and have faced violent waves of cyber abuse speak up and testify to raise awareness on this topical issue.

Why we like it:

Over the past few years, everywhere in the world, women have stood up against violence and misogyny. #FATUGLYSLUT tackles this very powerful topic with an angle that’s just as relevant: cyber-bullying on social media.

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    Florence Hainaut & Myriam Leroy

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    French & English

  • Written by:

    Thomas Levy & Laure Delalex