The Water Guardians – 2021

Make every drop count - 4 x 52'


From French Polynesia to the Rift Valley, via the Himalayas and Honduras, The Water Guardians takes the audience through a highly optimistic journey to meet with a doctor, a diver, a mayor, entrepreneurs or members of NGOs: ordinary men and women who have been working to preserve or discover sources of water:
– protecting the oceans;
– ensuring there is enough water to feed the planet;
– preserving freshwater ecosystems;
– finding water.

Why we like it:

This exciting docu-series addresses the global issue of water scarcity through portraits of ordinary people who have become today’s inspiring leaders.

Produced by:

  • Genre:

    Nature & Environment

  • Director:

    • Ep 1 : Basile Roze & Cédric Leprettre
    • Ep 2 : Cyril Denvers
    • Ep 3 : Basile Roze & Cédric Leprettre
    • Ep 4 : Emmanuel Corre
  • Broadcaster:


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  • Written by:

    Cyril Denvers & Candice Souillac