Lucky Day – 2021

Accidentally rich! - 8 x 45'


LUCKY DAY follows the crazy adventures of a dysfunctional family propelled into sudden wealth when Loic, the father, wins the jackpot at the lottery.

Despite every piece of advice, the family decides to move into a Geneva Palace where Loic meets Jean-Hubert, an ill-qualified financial advisor who will help him grow his newly acquired fortune… or not. For Loic has a dream: buying back Montrex, the prestigious watch factory that fired his father after years of good service. But Loic being Loic, nothing will happen as expected.

Why we like it:

LUCKY DAY is a funny and touching wacky comedy about family ties. From hit writing duo David Elkaïm and Vincent Poymiro (In Therapy)

Produced by:

  • IDIP Films
  • Perpetual Soup
  • Genre:


  • Director:

    Chris Niemeyer

  • Broadcaster:

  • Written by:

    David Elkaïm
    Vincent Poymiro
    Anne Feinsilber

  • Cast:

    Karim Barras
    Zoé Schellenberg
    Joan Mompart