French Bashing / French Loving – 2019

Don't be jealous... We know we are the best! - 1x52' / 1x52'


FRENCH BASHING and FRENCH LOVING are two documentaries unpacking French stereotypes and shaping a picture of France through the eyes of foreign people, with references to history, news and popular culture. Together, they take us on an exciting journey through the (French) looking glass.

Bon voyage!

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Why we like it:

Intelligent, instructive and entertaining, FRENCH BASHING and FRENCH LOVING shed a light on how France is seen around the world – for better or worse!

Program information:

FRENCH BASHING – 1×52’/ HD / Production year: 2015 FRENCH LOVING – 1×52′ / HD / Production year: 2019

  • Genre:

    Culture & Society

  • Broadcaster:

    Canal +

  • Director:

    Jean-Baptiste Péretié (FRENCH BASHING)
    Audrey Valtille (FRENCH LOVING)