Contact – 2016

Solving crimes one touch at a time - 8 x 52’


Thomas Adam has a unique gift: when he touches an object, he can visualise the secret memories that are attached to it. When assisting his policeman brother on a kidnapping case, he unearths a mysterious conspiracy that could finally lead the two brothers to the person who murdered their parents and kidnapped their little sister, more than 15 years ago. Between their daily investigations for the Police and the search for their missing sister, danger is always around the corner.

Why we like it:

With Contact, we instantly knew we had found a truly modern prime time series with the potential to please broad audiences.

Produced by:

  • Carma films

Program information:

8 x 52’ / Available Now / HD / Production Year: 2016

  • Genre:

    Crime procedural

  • Writers:

    Delinda Jacobs, Hervé Korian

  • Director:

    Frédéric Berthe (Taxi Brooklyn, Kaboul Kitchen)

  • Cast:

    Thomas Jouannet (Falco), Alexis Loret, Hélène Seuzaret (A French Village), Ingrid Donnadieu, Louvia Bachelier

  • Music:

    Jean-Pierre Taïeb

  • Broadcaster:


  • Shooting language: