Algiers Confidential – 2021

A dangerous game in a dangerous place - 4 x 45'


A German Police investigator assigned to his country’s embassy in Algiers leads an illicit love story with an Algerian Prosecutor. The kidnapping of a German arms dealer puts them in direct conflict: as they head each side of the investigation, they uncover a corruption scandal that will test their loyalty, both to their country and ultimately, to each other.

ALGIERS CONFIDENTIAL’s riveting intrigue takes us into contemporary Algeria, a country where foreign interests, the wounds of civil war, corruption and the idealism of a new generation come crashing against each other as the country writes its future.

Why we like it:

An efficient spy thriller in a never-seen-before and exotic setting, ALGIERS CONFIDENTIAL is a unique and personal perspective into a country on the brink of change.

Produced by:

  • Watch Next Media
  • Eikon
  • Genre:

    Drama Thriller

  • Director:

    Frederic Jardin (Sleepless, Spiral S5, S6, S7)

  • Broadcaster:


  • Shooting language:

    French, German, Arabic & English

  • Written by:

    Abdel Raouf Dafri (Braquo S2, A Prophet)

  • Cast:

    Ken Duken
    Hania Amar
    Sofiane Zermani
    Anna Schudt
    Martin Brambach
    Dali Benssalah
    Raphaël Acloque