Sun and Man – 2018

Everything you always wanted to know about the Sun - 2x45'


It is our light, our warmth, our food. Humans rise with it and fear its disappearance. We are so accustomed to its presence that we forgot it was born and will die someday. But how well do we really know the Sun?

SUN AND MAN is a gripping documentary exploring the essential relationship between humans and the Sun and tracing the history of the fascinating star. Anthropologists, astrophysicists, historians and climatologists help us understand how the Sun has shaped us in many ways – from religious beliefs to our connection to time and even the colour of our skin and the texture of our hairs. Thanks to science progress, we have also learned how to use it in return, putting the Sun back at the core of our environmental issues.

A 360° insight sustained by the input of international experts, SUN AND MAN gives us the keys to understand man’s greatest dependency.

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A fascinating subject if there ever was, the Sun has always been at the centre of human life. SUN AND MAN is a comprehensive documentary that shines a new light on man’s favourite star.


Program information:

2×45’/ HD / Production year: 2018

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  • Broadcaster:

    France 5

  • Director:

    François Barré