72 x 22' / 2020-2022 / HD


A UFO crashes into the earth’s atmosphere in a forest near a small town. Inside is Sky, a young, adventurous alien from a planet 13 light-years away. While waiting to be rescued, Sky hides by transforming into the body of Millie – the entitled and snobby prom queen and the most popular girl in high school. With only three goofy friends to help her out, Sky must survive two weeks on Earth without being discovered.

Sky is a classic coming of age show, depicting adolescence through the eyes of outsiders who feel, each in their own way, a little bit like aliens themselves.

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Why we like it:

Created by Giora Chamizer (The Greenhouse, The Eight, The Island) and Noa Pnini (The Hood, Hamama)

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Program information:

72 x 22′ / 2020-2022 / HD / EMEA (except Israel and Portugal)

  • Genre:

    Sci-Fi / Mystery

  • Available languages:

    Hebrew, Portuguese

  • Broadcaster:

  • Created by:

    Giora Chamizer, Noa Pnini

  • Written by:

    Giora Chamizer, Noa Pnini

  • Cast:

    Ravid Ronen, Ido Tako, Shahar Tavoch, Dolev Sela, Bar Miniely, Ofek Pesach, Maayan Rachima, Ofry Prishkolnik, Daniel Gad

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