Sheep’s Hotel

104 x 5' / 2022 / HD


This fun filled series follows a close-knit family of sheep, little lambs Bella (5 years old) and Benny (7 years old), their mom Becky, their father Bernard, Granny Berta, Grandad Benjamin, cousin Bertie, and uncle Theodor the wolf. Together they run a small, independent hotel for guests and their kids.

Produced by:

Why we like it:

The new preschool IP from Kid-E-Cats creative team

Program information:

104 x 5′ / 2022 / HD / Worldwide TV & CP Rights (except Russia, CIS and China) 

  • Genre:

    2D HD Animated Series

  • Available languages:

    English, Russian

  • Story editors:

    Ceri Barnes

    Veronika Zhivolub

  • Created and Directed by:

    Dmitry Visotsky

  • Written by:

    Darina Schmidt

  • Produced by:

    Artem Vasiliev

    Karina Kabanova

    Vyacheslav Murugov

    Ksenia Gordienko

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