Sheep’s Hotel

104 x 5' / 2022 / HD


A large, close-knit family of sheep who run a small, independent hotel for guests with kids.

5-year-old Bella and her older brother 7-year-old Benny meet new animal guests of all sorts, from penguins to elephants, and try to help their parents transform the hotel into a popular vacation destination, when they’re not at school or playing with their friends.

We see the goings-on in the hotel through the eyes of Bella and Benny, who desperately want to help their family make a success of it – so much so, that they sometimes end up in comical situations…

Produced by:

Why we like it:

By the creators of Kid-E-Cats.

Program information:

Worldwide Rights (except Russia, CIS, China & India) + CP Rights

  • Genre:

    2D Animation


  • Available languages:


  • Story editors:

    Ceri Barnes (Kid-E-Cats, Floogals, Postman Pat), Veronika Zhivolub

  • Created and Directed by:

    Dmitry Visotsky

  • Written by:

    Darina Schmidt

  • Produced by:

    Artem Vasiliev, Karina Kabanova, Vyacheslav Murugov, Ksenia Gordienko

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