On Our Own

56 x 22'


The Tzur family kids, Mika (16), Ronnie & Aya (14), and Nevo (7), don’t get along even when their parents are home, so when their worn-out parents, Dudi & Nati (45) take a well-deserved vacation, they’re prepared for chaos. But when their parents are stuck abroad, they are suddenly forced to manage on their own with only the help of their uncle Za’atar (43) – who’s an adult-sized child. Through the most ridiculous circumstances, they try to prove that no matter how different you are from your siblings, family will always triumph over everything else.

On Our Own has been the 1# sitcom for kids on Israel’s public broadcaster 5 years in a row, and is an Israeli Academy Award winning series.

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Why we like it:

Created by Yaniv Zohar & Nadav Frishman two of Israel’s leading comedy writers.

Over 77 million views on youtube and kan 11’s digital platforms among kann 11’s 5 most viewed shows

Program information:

56 x 22′ / 2020-2023 / HD / EMEA (except Israel)

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  • Created by :

    Yaniv Zohar & Nadav Frishman

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