26 x 11' / 2010 / HD


All the world’s animals can suddenly fly. Just like that. Overnight. Fred and Ned, an odd couple of hares, living the easy life in their cosy meadow wake up to find that all the flying animals on the planet have somehow confused their peaceful home with an airstrip.

With their particular brand of genius they go about creating a truly international airport! For Fred and Ned their troubles have only just taken off…

Produced by:

Program information:

26 x 11′ / 2010 / HD / Worldwide TV Rights (except Benelux)

  • Genre:

    3D Animation


  • Available languages:

    English, Arabic, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Bengali, Italian, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Hebrew, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Gaelic, Ukrainian, Icelandic, Catalan, Galician, Spanish (Iberian), Spanish (Latin), Polish, Farsi, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Kurdish, Kazakh, French

  • Broadcaster:

  • Director:

    Jan Bultheel & Fabrice Fouquet

    (Zoé Kézako)

  • Graphic bible by:

    Jan Bultheel & Antoine Barraud

  • Literary bible:

    Jan Bultheel & Luciano Lepinay

  • Story editors:

    Andy Rheingold & Jean-Pierre Mo

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