Chi My Kitten

76 x 11'/ 2018 / HD


Chi is a kitten who is discovering the world and is impressed by everything she sees! Adopted by the Yamadas, she adapts to her new home and her new neighbourhood. This new world fills her life with joy and surprises.

Why we like it:

Adapted from the best-selling book series by Kodansha, (1M copies sold in France by Glénat), and after the first seasons in 2D among the top performing series on Piwi+, TFOU Max and TV Tokyo.

Produced by:

  • Kodansha

Program information:

76 x 11’/ 2018 / HD / EMEA Rights (except UK and Italy)

  • Genre:

    3D HD CGI Animated series
    Comedy / Adventure
    Upper preschool

  • Available languages:

    English, French

  • Broadcaster:

    TV Tokyo (Japon)

    Amazon Prime,

    Tfou (France)

    Radio Canada (Canada)

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