78x7' / 2018 / HD


The lively adventures of a little girl, the carefree, joyful and occasionally perky Fatou, and an alien, the clumsy Roger, on a tropical island… Throughout their adventures, they trigger small accidents that sometimes grow into major disasters, but (almost) always end on a happy note. In short, Roger and Fatou spend their time saving the island from their own mistakes and blunders.

Produced by:

Why we like it:

With its unique 3D style with stop motion rendering, ROGER is taking the classic dialogued cartoons to a new modern age.


Program information:

78×7′ / 2018 / HD / Territories: Worldwide Rights

  • Genre:

    3D CGI Animation

  • Broadcaster:

    France Télévisions

  • Languages:

    English, French

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