Moon Wars

Moon: The new Battlefield - 52'


50 years after man’s first step on the moon in 1969, the earth’s satellite is today – more than ever – at the centre of new challenges. The stepping stone to any future missions to Mars, a land of opportunity for a new kind of investor and with new sources of energy and resources, the conquest of the moon has already started.

Despite International treaties stating it cannot be appropriated by any slate or company, the Americans, Russians, Chinese, Koreans and Indians are already making plans for the moon, alongside companies privately funded by billionaires who see it as their new Eldorado, further blurring the boundaries between geostrategic and economic issues.

MOON WARS is a 52’ documentary exploring the political, economic, ecologic and strategic challenges that men will have to face in their desire to extend their influence to the moon and beyond.


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Moon wars is an exciting current affairs that relates the story of the new spatial geopolitics where economic interests prevail.

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1×52’/ Coming next / Territories: Worldwide rights / Production year: 2019

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