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Gigantes is a story of fraternal love and hate. For decades, the Guerrero brothers, Daniel, Tomás and Clemente, have controlled the drug traffic in Spain under the harsh direction of their father, Abraham. Time passed, things went wrong: Daniel, the eldest son, was thrown in jail for 15 years, Clemente disappeared, Abraham grew old and senile. Tomás was left with a drug empire to rule and only a teenage daughter and a few gypsy rivals to worry about. The calm, however, is likely to be short-lived. Daniel is getting out of jail and he is eager to reclaim his place in the family. The Spanish answer to Gomorrah, from one of the best Spanish director.

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Why we like it:

Set against the gypsy criminal underworld, a world that has never been accurately depicted on TV, Gigantes is as much a mafia and crime series as it is a Shakespearian tale of fraternal love and hate. With the same mythological strenghts as “Gomorrah”, the family focus of “The Godfather” trilogy and an amazing pool of Spanish cinema talents behind it, Gigantes has the potential to make a lasting impression on viewers all over the world.

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Program information:

Season 1 / 6×52′ / 2017 / HD / Production year: 2017
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  • Genre:

    Crime Drama

  • Broadcaster:


  • Director:

    Enrique Urbizu (No Rest For The Wicked)

  • Shooting language:


  • Writers:

    Michel Gaztambide (No Rest For The Wicked)
    Miguel Barros (Blackthorn)
    Enrique Urbizu (The Ninth Door)

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