Chi My Kitten

76x11'/ 2018/CGI Full HD 16/9


Chi is a kitten who is discovering the world and is impressed by  everything she sees!! Adopted by a family, she finds happiness with the Yamadas. This new world fills her life with joy and surprises – not to mention Sweet Adventures!

Why we like it:

CHI is adapted from a best-selling books by Kodansha published to more than 1Mio copies. The first seasons in 2D were one of the most performing series on Piwi+, TFOU Max and TV Tokyo.

Produced by:

  • Kodansha
chi 169 parc

Program information:

76×11’/ 2018/CGI Full HD 16/9 / Territories: EMEA except UK and Italy

  • Shooting language:


APC Kids

chi 169 parc