Banking District

Every secret has a price - 6x52'


Summer 2011, the Swiss banking sector is under attack: bank secrecy, the very foundation of Swiss prosperity, is being targeted by the international community in the wake of the financial crisis. Adding to the panic, Paul Grangier, the director of the Grangier & Cie private bank, a 300-year-old institution, is found dying in his living room. His brother, Alexandre, is best placed to take over the bank thanks to the support of their mother. Against all odds, it’s their estranged sister, Elizabeth, who inherits the management of the bank and with it the ability to find the truth about Paul. The answer may lie as much in the bank as in the family.

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Why we like it:

The first ever series set in the Swiss private banking sector, Banking District will entrap you in a world where family and banking secrets run parallel.

Tournage au Chateau de Penthes

Program information:

Season 1 / Returning / 6×52′ / HD / Production year: 2017

  • Genre:

    Family thriller

  • Broadcaster:

    RTS / RTBF / Proximus

  • Shooting language:


  • Director:

    Fulvio Bernasconi (Miséricorde, Out Of Bounds)

  • Writers:

    Stéphane Mitchell
    Jean-Marc Fröhle

  • Cast:

    Laura Sépul (Public Ennemy)
    Vincent Kucholl
    Brigitte Fossey (La Boum)
    Feodor Atkine (Love and Death)
    Arnaud Binard (Maison Close)
    Stéphane Metzger (RIS)
    Lubna Azabal (Incendies)
    Karim Barras (A Very Secret Service)