Tex Mex

1x52’ / 2015 / HD


Cowboys, oil, the death penalty, guns, illegal immigrants – there are no lack of clichés about Texas.
But can the Lone Star State demonstrate, with its unique geographical location and history, that both Northern and Southern America are able to co-exist? Could its economic dynamism help
reconcile the differences within its community and work to build a mixed and colourful hybrid culture? In the kitchen, this mix already has a name: TEX-MEX!


TEX-MEX takes us to meet 5 people of Mexican origin, all with exceptional achievements. Firstly, Eva Longoria. An icon of Hispanic Texans, the actress has been an activist since the age of 17. Hugo Ortega arrived clandestinely at 15 and spent years mopping floors before being known as one of Texas’ most revered chefs. Leaving his house for the first time since settling in the US 15 years ago, David Moreno is invited to play the trumpet before Barack Obama. Ana Hernandez, a young state representative, made waves in the House when she announced she lived as an undocumented immigrant for 8 years. Xavier Loya started mowing lawns to make a living. He then founded a brokerage firm and ended up millionaire at 26.
TEX-MEX paints a little-known side of Texas. Far removed from caricatures, it shows us the contours of what the America of tomorrow will be.

Produced by:

  • Culture-aventure
  • Commune image media

Program information:

1×52’ / Available now / HD / Worldwide rights / Production Year: 2015

  • Genre:

    Culture, Society

  • Director:

    Cécile Clocheret, François Picard

  • Broadcaster:

    France Télévisions Group

  • Shooting language:

    English, French

  • Available languages:

    French, English